Available 1C:Enterprise versions

EDT stores the list of 1C:Enterprise versions installed on your computer. It searches for 1C:Enterprise versions at the first start and then on demand.

The available versions are listed in the settings dialog box, under <Settings> / 1C:Enterprise. They are grouped into three lists:

  • The left list displays the supported versions, for example: <8.3>, <8.3.8>. If you select any of these versions, EDT uses the latest version that matches your selection. For example, if you select <8.3>, EDT selects the latest build among all supported versions, starting from version 8.3.8. If you select <8.3.8>, EDT selects the latest build of 8.3.8.
  • The right list 1C:Enterprise installations displays all of the 1C:Enterprise builds registered in EDT that match the version selected in the left list. The list below this one displays the registered builds of the mobile 1C:Enterprise platform.

If you select a checkbox next to a build in any of the lists on the right, EDT selects this build instead of the latest one when you specify a matching version in the left list.

The headings of the lists on the right are hyperlinks. To open the settings for the list of registered 1C:Enterprise versions (desktop or mobile), click one of these hyperlinks. Clicking the hyperlink in the list of desktop versions opens the <Settings> / 1C:Enterprise / 1C:Enterprise Installation branch. Clicking the hyperlink in the list of mobile versions opens the <Settings> / 1C:Enterprise / 1C:Enterprise Mobile Platforms branch.

To set up an Android Debug Bridge connection to an Android mobile device, specify the EDT directory with Android SDK installed. You can do it in <Settings> / 1C:Enterprise / 1C:Enterprise Mobile Platforms / Android Settings.

EDT uses the following default procedure for automatic detection of this directory:

  • Analyze the ANDROID_HOME environment variable.
  • Use the settings of ADT Eclipse plug-in, provided that the plug-in is installed.
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