Changes affecting the system behavior

  • In a web client that is running in Google Chrome, calling the GetFile() method does not open an additional browser window.
  • If the extension for crypto protection is enabled in a web client that is running in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the dialog box where the user is prompted to confirm accessing the private key or the file system on their computer is opened on top of all other windows.
  • When an exception occurs in a server method of a managed form, the client application displays the form that has exactly the same appearance as the form on the server side had at the moment of exception. This prevents situations when changes in the form appearance that were performed on the server before the exception occurred are not transferred to the client-side of the application. 
  • In the web client that runs in Google Chrome version 26, the File upload dialog box is modified. To upload a file, drag it to the File upload dialog box and click OK.

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