• Optimized performance while starting a large number of clients with short intervals between starts.
  • In order to enhance the scalability and performance of 1C:Enterprise server cluster, the internal platform mechanisms are improved.
  • Individual indexes by separators are created for independent information registers that do not have dimensions.
  • In object tables, an additional index is implemented for separators with the Independently and simultaneously separation mode. The index includes the separator value and the primary table key. The index eliminates DBMS lock escalations in some table processing scenarios.
  • In the web client, the performance of the following spreadsheet document operations is improved: opening spreadsheet documents, row scrolling, and page scrolling.
  • In the thick and thin clients, improved performance for opening managed forms that contain graphical schema fields with a large number of elements (more than 1000).
  • In the file Infobase mode, optimized generation of the RecordsWithExtDimensions accounting register virtual table.

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