New functionality and changes in 1C:Enterprise mode

Functionality After Before Result of changes
Web client. In Mozilla Firefox web browser, wordings in the web browser extension installation dialog box are clarified. The user is explicitly offered to install the extension. The web browser extension installation dialog box offered the user to enable the extension. For the web browser extension, the installation process is clearly differentiated from enabling the installed extension.
Advanced error handling.

Improved dump generation algorithm in the event of unexpected shutdown. The dump is generated even if a new exception occurs while the first exception is being processed.

If a new exception occurred while an exception was being processed, the dump was not generated. The frequency of cases where the cause of an unexpected shutdown cannot be found by analyzing dumps is reduced.
Client application. In the web client, the following managed system forms are revised:
  • Select font dialog box
  • Search and replace dialog box in spreadsheet documents
  • Performance indicator dialog box

In all managed system forms, the Help button is located in the command bar, instead of the More (All actions) menu.

Managed system forms had different layouts. Managed system forms are improved.
Internet-enabled functionality. Client application. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser is now supported. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser was not supported. The new version of Microsoft web browser is now supported.

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