Changes altering the system behavior

  • The reverse proxy is now supported. When setting up the proxi-server specify the necessity to generate the X-Forwarded-* headers in the http-query.
  • Сonfigurations with unknown compatibility mode are not supported. Compatibility modes with later 1C:Enterprise versions are considered unknown. For example, if you set the compatibility mode to Do not use in version 8.3.1, it is considered unknown when the configuration is opened in version 8.2.16. Furthermore, if you set the compatibility mode to Version 8.2.16, it is displayed as Do not use when the configuration is opened in version 8.2.16.

    If you attempt to run or load the configuration with unknown compatibility mode, an error message is displayed, informing you about the required 1C:Enterprise version. If new compatibility mode is not set in a specific 1C:Enterprise version, the effect of the Do not use mode is the same as it was in the previous version.

    You cannot load 1cv8.dt files generated in version 8.3.1 or later with an earlier version of 1C:Enterprise. The only exception is when the Compatibility mode property is set to Version 8.2.16 in version 8.3.1.

  • During the software license binding check title and version of Linux operating system are not used.

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