New functions and changes in the 1C: Enterprise mode

  • Mobile browser Safari for Apple iPad is now supported. iOS operating systems of versions 3.2, 4.2 and older are supported. Version 4.2 or newer is recommended. The list of usage features of Apple iPad web-browser on the is published in the documentation.
  • Safari 5.0 (Mac OS X 10.5 or newer and Windows) web browser support is implemented.
  • Web browser Mozilla Firefox 4 support has been implemented.
  • The modal window that may appear when switching web clients' windows in Google Chrome is not displayed starting from browser version 8.0.
  • The composition and appearance of context menus of setting the main window panels setting is modified.
  • Appearance of checkboxes, unavailable for editing (the third state), is modified in tables and forms.
  • Implemented the display of the help information on the data composition system expression language.
  • At first launch of the web client in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 the warning is displayed that it is recommended to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or newer, or another browser.
  • The Search in found flag implemented for the search in table dialog. You can use this flag if the search was already performed in the table. Cancelling search cancels all search terms at once.
  • The View submenu implemented in the main menu. It contains commands for setting visibility of panels (sections panel, navigation panel, actions panel), setting content of panels and desktop and hiding all the panels. The Ctrl+Shift+` key press can be used to hide all the panels. The Tools – Interface setup menu item is removed.
  • A context menu is implemented in the web client for the HTML-field, displaying content, received by internal navigation link.
  • For Mozilla Firefox browser, the sequence of actions to install the file operation extension, cryptography extension and external components is modified. During the installation the user is prompted to check for the necessary permissions in the browser settings (the browser settings dialog will open).
  • Appearance of the forms displaying values of type Color and Font when using the OpenValue() method is modified in the web client.
  • The Details… button in the error message is displayed only if the debugging mode is enabled. The About 1C:Enterprise window now contains information for technical support hyperlink providing access to the error log. In case of critical error and platform termination, with debugging mode disabled, the Information for technical support hyperlink is displayed in the error message window.
  • User can change the composition of report express user settings either in the Settings dialog (Editing in report form column) or using the Modify set of settings command in the report settings window.
  • Operating mode setting dialog for Mozilla Firefox 4 opens at the first start of any Infobase in this browser at the computer. If settings are set to the required values, then the dialog is closed automatically and the web client continues loading.
  • Implemented changes intended to support performance of the web client in Mozilla Firefox browser.

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