Changes affecting the system behavior

  • Changing of time zones in the Russian Federation regions is now supported. The new rules take effect on March 28, 2010 at 02:00 (local time). The changes affected the following time zones: Europe/Samara, Asia/Novokuznetsk, Asia/Kamchatka, Asia/Anadyr. Modification implemented since version
  • Implemented the check on using the / character when typing a name for a group in the list of Infobases. The error message is displayed when typing this character.
  • Input based on commands is available on the managed form in the Read-only mode.
  • The Unavailable action message is displayed when trying to interactively perform parameterized global command, located in the form navigation panel with the Modifies data property set, if the command is located in the form of the object, which is a command parameter and if the described form is in the Read-only mode or if the Edit right is lacking for this object.
  • Implemented to specify the availability flag for the form command, connected with the current table row, depending on the Read-only mode of the table.
  • When restoring a list of the dynamic list filters the duplicated filter elements are not allowed.
  • If in the data access restrictions for data of turnover accumulation register dimensions are used, which are not included in totals, then stored register totals are not used when calling the turnover virtual table and the query is executed by the record table.
  • The status bar is displayed overall application windows (of 1C:Enterprise client), but not overall operating system windows, in the thick and thin client.
  • Removed the GetUserMessages() of the ComConnector object. You should use the global context GetUserMessages() method instead.
  • A warning about the impossibility to operate with the storage of the previous version is displayed during the conversion of the configuration storage from version 8.1.
  • The No button is active after conversion is started when conversing File mode of the Infobase from version 8.1 when warning about the impossibility to operate with Infobase of the previous version is displayed.
  • Implemented deactivating of displaing of incompletion mark when text is edited without modifying the MarkIncomplete property. Display refreshes after text editing are complete.
  • The New user, Update user and Delete user event log events are written both on interactive, and programmatic modification of Infobase users.
  • The Authentication event log event is written only when authentication is successful.
  • The User and UserName fields are written for the Authentication event log event.
  • If the unavailable field is used in the appearance of the conditional appearance item, then using this item is disabled when the method Refresh() of the data composition settings compiler is called.

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