New functionality and changes in 1C:Enterprise mode

FunctionalityAfterBeforeResult of changes
Printing documents.Changed behavior of print status forms in managed applications in thin and thick clients:
  • In the Forms in tabs form opening mode, print status forms are opened in separate windows.
  • The form is opened in a modal window so that users cannot interact with the interface during printing.
  • The form cannot be closed by clicking the "X" button.

The form cannot be resized.

The print status form had different behavior.Improved usability of printing documents.
Linux. The Primary Selection clipboard is now supported (data is copied to this clipboard when a text fragment is selected, without the need to press any keys). Copying to the Primary Selection clipboard is supported for the following form elements:
  • Text box
  • Text document field
  • Formatted document field
  • Spreadsheet document field

Insertion from the Primary Selection clipboard (available by pressing the middle mouse button) is supported in text boxes.

This feature was not provided.Improved usability of client application for users with Linux experience.
Managed form. Functional options. If a text box is linked to an attribute of complex type where all types except one are disabled by access rights or functional options, when user attempts to select a value in the text box, the choice value form is opened.

This change is not implemented in 8.3.2 compatibility mode.

If a text box was linked to an attribute of complex type, when a user attempted to select a value in the text box, the type selection dialog box, was displayed even if the list of types contained a single value.

Users do not have to select from a single value in the type selection dialog box.

Automated testing. On closing an application, if the log of user actions is being recorded at the moment, a request for saving the log is sent.On closing the application, unsaved data from the log of user actions was lost.Reduced chance of losing unsaved data from the log of user actions when the application window that initiated recording to the log of user actions is closed.
Web client. During the startup of the web client, the check for a pop-up window blocker is only performed if the separate window interface is used and modal windows are enabled.  The check for a pop-up window blocker is performed after the user authentication.

The check for a pop-up window blocker was always performed during the web client startup.Users are not prompted to specify the pop-up blocker settings when it is not required.
Interface. On interface mode change, the user is prompted to restart the client application.Changing interface mode did not prompt to restart the client application.The procedure of changing the interface mode became more user-friendly: the system now informs the user what they have to do to have the changes take effect.
Standard functions. The following changes are implemented in the standard functions:
  • Event log:
    • The set of commands in the form command bar is changed, as well as the command presentations.
    • The procedures for enabling and disabling the filter are revised.
    • You can view log entry data by clicking the link in the corresponding log column.
    • You can filter records by date and time.
  • Find references to object:
    • You can search for references to a reference that is found (from the context menu).
  • Manage full-text search:
    • The form is revised.
    • Enabling or disabling full-text search is performed without opening additional forms.
  • Post documents:
    • The form is revised.
  • Active users:
    • You can open the event log filtered by user by clicking a hyperlink in the User column.
Standard function dialog boxes were less user-friendly.

Improved usability of standard functions.

Web client. The documentation includes recommendations for choosing a web browser for low-performance computers.The documentation did not include recommendations for choosing a web browser.Recommendations for choosing a web browser are available.
Web client. In Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, notification windows do not fade out of view when they are closed automatically.In Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, notification windows faded out of view when they were closed automatically.Improved performance of notification windows in Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.

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