• The work with clipboard when copying and inserting metadata objects has been optimized for the sessions in Designer mode.
  • Operation of internal mechanisms of the platform with reference types values has been optimized.
  • Operation under the load of the platform internal mechanisms when working on multiprocessor systems in multi-user mode has been optimized.
  • Opening of the All Functions window has been optimized.
  • In cases of the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser with the set extension for working with files, transfer of large files from the client to the server has been optimized for the web client. MSXML component of versions 6.0 or 4.0 is used in such file transfers. Warning is issued if this component is not available on the computer.
  • Switching of sections has been optimized in the web client.
  • Opening of the forms setup window has been optimized in the web client.
  • The client/server interaction for Thin and for Thick clients (in the managed application mode), when opening the notification window and the status window, has been optimized.
  • The performance of data query execution with the use of a restricted access to the data, after changing the session parameters not used in the access restrictions, has been increased.
  • Operation of the RecordsWithExtDimensions accounting register virtual table has been optimized.
  • Completion of the form table cell editing has been optimized in the web client.
  • The mechanism of operating with the Infobase user list in case of a large number of users has been optimized.
  • The time rate of executing a query to a virtual table of CalculationRegister.<MainRegister>.Base<BaseRegister> when base register supports the action period has been increased. In 8.1 version compatibilty mode the time rate of execution has not been changed.
  • The memory consumption in the mechanisms of comparing and merging configurations, including provider configuration update, has been optimized.
  • The use of memory when using a web client, especially in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, has been optimized.
  • The operating of the various system mechanisms, using temporary files, has been optimized.
  • Execution of some operations when working with the Postgres DBMS has been speeded up.

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