The manual uses the following conventions:

  • Keys. The key names are emphasized, for example: Enter, Esc, Delete.

    The cursor control keys are referred to as Arrow keys. They are referred individually as Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, and Left Arrow.

  • Keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut key combos are given as follows: Ctrl + F3.

  • Buttons. The names of buttons that appear in forms, tabs, and dialog boxes are given without quotation marks, for example: OK, Cancel, Delete.

  • Action descriptions. You can perform actions described in the Manual (such as opening document journals, entering documents, generating reports, and so on) by selecting menu items (in the main window, an active window, or a context menu). In most cases you can perform the same actions using the command bar buttons. When selecting a menu item, pay attention to the icon to the left of the item name. The command bar button with the same icon performs the same action. In most cases, this Manual does not describe the icons. Also, note the keyboard shortcuts, they are displayed to the right of menu item names.

  • To select an item, usually you have to click or double-click it.

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