Changes altering the system behavior

  • Implemented storing the 1CEStart.cfg configuration file for all users of computer (%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\1C\1CEStart directory or %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1C\1CEStart for Windows Vista and higher). The installation program writes InstalledLocation and InstallComponents parameters to the configuration file for all users. Settings, performed in the start dialog, are written to a local configuration file (of a specific user).
  • When editing in Designer mode the LinkByType and ChoiceParemetersLink properties of configuration objects and managed form text box links to deleted attributes and fields are not displayed. Previously such links were displayed by string Error value. When creating a form on the server in 1C:Enterprise mode links to unavailable or deleted attributes or text boxes are deleted.
  • In Designer mode setting common module properties Client (ordinary application), Client (managed application), External connection simultaneously with Server call is disabled.
  • The StandardProcessing parameter of the DragStart event has been renamed to Perform. Renaming was performed for the events of the following objects: form field extension for a calendar field, form field extension for a picture field, form field extension for a spreadsheet document field, form decoration extension for a picture, form table, table field, calendar field, picture field, spreadsheet document field.
  • The transaction, initiated by the system when reading objects, is opened only if at the beginning of reading the transaction is not opened yet.
  • Implemented using Usr and Pwd parameters of the connection string, specified in default.vrd file, for authentication, when creating a session. If the user name and password are both specified simultaneously in the run string of the client application and in the connection string of the default.vrd file, then connection string parameters are ignored and the run string parameters are used.
  • If a field, containing a characteristic value, is disabled (or becomes unavailable) by functional options, then all characteristic fields, which values are stored in this field, become unavailable.
  • Report, running in the background, is terminated when the report form is closed even if in the BeforeClose event handler of the report form the StandardProcessing parameter was set to False. Background job, executing the report, is terminated after executing the OnClose event handler of the report form.
  • If the Decrease indent operation is performed in the text editor for the selected text block, then the required number of spaces or tabs is removed from each line. Other modifications of the text are not performed.
  • In the calendar implemented display of abbreviated day names for Vietnamese and polish interface languages.
  • It is forbidden to enter characters that are invalid in terms of XML 1.0 in the text boxes of the web client. When you try to enter such characters interactively they are ignored, when pasting from the clipboard - the invalid characters are ignored and won’t get into the inserted text. If a character is placed by script, the web browsers Google Chrome and Safari replace invalid character by the character "?", and the text box becomes unavailable for editing.
  • Changed display of links in the navigation panel of the auxiliary window. The command is displayed in bold if it is located in the Important group.
  • User message defining a specific row in the tabular section will be positioned in the same row after changing the order of rows in the tabular section. If the row, to which a message is connected, has been deleted, the message will appear attached to the form element that displays tabular section.
  • Modified cursors that display the presence or absence of details in the spreadsheet document cell in Google Chrome and Safari browsers.
  • The client and server licenses are not verified when the Infobase is created. The license verification starts only when Designer mode launches or in the "1C:Enterprise" mode.
  • Implemented the possibility to obtain the program license if the server license is not found during the launch of the thick or thin client (in the client server mode).
  • The ProcessJobs() method is available at thin and web clients. The information about ProcessJobs() method availability at a server is removed from the Syntax Assistant.
  • When the help tree is generated by subsystems in Version 8.1 compatibility mode the View right for the subsystem is not taken into account.

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