In Designer mode

To be able to edit the NumberingPrefix constant, you have to create a form.

  1. In the configuration object tree, expand the Common branch, click the Common forms branch, and use the form wizard to create a constants form named GeneralSettings.
  2. In the More: GeneralSettings window that is opened, specify that the form belongs to the Enterprise subsystem (fig. 24.7).

    Fig. 24.7. The More window of the GeneralSettings constants form
  3. In the configuration object editors for the Branches exchange plan and the DataExchange data processor, on the Subsystems tab, specify that they belong to the Enterprise subsystem.
  4. In the Enterprise subsystem command interface, specify that only Administrator has access to the commands that open the exchange plan, the data processor, and the constants form.
  5. Move the Branches command to the top of the Navigation panel.Important group.
  6. In the Actions panel.Create group, for the Branch: create command, enable visibility to the Administrator role only.
  7. In the Actions panel.Tools group, order the commands as follows:
    • General settings
    • Data exchange   
  8. Update the database configuration by pressing F7.
  9. Create a directory for storing the branch infobase.
  10. On the Configuration menu, click Save configuration to file and save the configuration to that directory.

    Fig. 24.8. Enterprise subsystem command interface
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