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Picking multiple items works as follows: the catalog form is open until the user closes it interactively or until the Close() form method is executed. 

  • In the GoodsReceipt document form, update the Pick command handler as shown in listing 26.3.

    Listing 26.3. Pick button click handler

        FormParameters = New Structure("CloseOnChoice", False);
        OpenForm("Catalog.MaterialsAndServices.ChoiceForm", FormParameters, Items.Materials);

    In this procedure the form is opened with parameters.

    Form parameters are used for opening the form in a specific state. The parameters are stored in a structure. Each structure item describes a single form parameter. The parameter name serves as a structure item key.

    The structure is passed to the OpenForm() method as its second parameter (the FormParameters variable).

    The structure is generated right before it is passed to the method. It contains a single item with the CloseOnChoice key.

    By passing the structure to the OpenForm method, you set the CloseOnChoice form parameter to False.

    It means that the form is not closed when a user selects a single item by double-clicking it.

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