Lesson 21 (0:40). Editing register records in document forms

Your Infobase, just like any other Infobase, requires the way to enter opening balances for a register. This is needed to provide users with the option to begin their work with the Infobase not from scratch but instead from some initial state taken from their previous accounting system (even if that was kept by pen and ink).

The task of entering opening balances is different from other algorithms that modify your Infobase registers because it includes making direct changes to the registers, without using any intermediate algorithms (filling document data, posting documents, checking document data for errors, and so on).

Let us review an example of entering opening balances for the BalanceOfMaterials accumulation register.

To perform this task, you will create a document whose records to the BalanceOfMaterials register can be edited manually, within the document form.

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