Building a mobile application (1C mobile application)

1C Mobile Application. Rapid application development tutorial demonstrates the essential features of the cutting-edge 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. You will understand the application development process and see that it is easy to learn and develop applications powered by 1C:Enterprise 8.

Download 1C Mobile Application and 1C:Enterprise 8 mobile platform

Having downloaded a 1C:Enterprise 8.3 mobile platform and training version of the platform, anyone can replicate the process on his or her own computer and build a mobile application distribution kit. For those who want to continue developing mobile applications, three assignments of various difficulty levels are included in the book.

The book is written primarily for those who would like to try creating programs on their own using 1C:Enterprise to see how interesting and engaging it can be.

And if after being introduced to 1C:Enterprise platform you decide to truly master 1C:Enterprise 8, you have many options available to you. Check other materials on 1C:Developer Network website.

What do you think of this book? You are welcome to send us feedback as well as ask questions and get support on the 1C:Enterprise. Mobile platform forum.


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1C Mobile Application. Rapid application development tutorial.

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Russian text: V. Rybalka

Translation: S. Polikarpov

Correction: A. Novikov, T. Bugaevsky

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