Rights to run client applications

Finally, grant the rights to run client applications (the thin client and the web client) for each role.

For this task you will use another tool that better suits your goal: the All Roles editor.

  1. In the configuration object tree, right-click the Roles branch and click All roles.

    You can see that the Thin client and Web client rights are granted to all roles (fig. 22.5).

    Fig. 22.5. All Roles editor

    Administrators also have the right to connect to the infobase using other client application types.

To view the list of rights for each role

  • On the Actions menu, click Output list (fig. 22.6).

    Fig. 22.6. List of rights for the Accountant role

    You can also view the list of rights for all available roles in the All Roles editor.
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