Changes requiring configuration changes and administrative settings

  • For the working server, which is not central, and in which there is a not empty list of central server administrators, there must exist the administrator in the list of server administrators, with OS authentication of user, in the name of whom the cluster central server’s ragent is launched or must be the administrator with name and password, matching the name and password of one of the cluster central server administrators.
  • When transforming object to form data, for all values of types FormDataStructure, FormDataStructureAndCollection, FormDataTree data is cleared in those columns, for which there isn’t any corresponding columns in the object data.
  • When choosing a value for extra dimension in the cell of a table form, linked with a set of accounting register records, the choice parameter for the Owner field is specified automatically only when type of extra dimension is of catalog type, specified as the value for the Additional characteristic values field of the chart of characteristic types used as types for extra dimensions in the chart of accounts. The corresponding type of extra dimension is a value for the choice parameter.

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