Version and revision numbering

This article describes the standards that apply to version and revision numbering. All of the listed recommendations are mandatory unless noted otherwise.

1. The number of the next configuration revision is the next integer number after the previous revision number. Usually, a revision number is followed by a subrevision number, separated by a period, for example: revision 1.5, revision 1.6, and so on. New configuration releases start from revision 1.0.

2. All versions of a subrevision (including alpha, beta, prerelease, and release versions) are numbered in the same manner. Version numbering starts with 1.

3. The revision number, subrevision number, and version number are combined in the full configuration version number. Specify it in the Version property of your configuration using the following format:


R is the revision number (1 or more digits);
S is the subrevision number (1 or more digits);
V is the version number (1 or more digits);
B is the build number (1 or more digits).

Example: stands for revision 1.6, version 4, build 7.

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