Server and Database

  • Oracle Database management system support.
  • Default parameters for IBM DB2 database creation modified. The new values used for the parameters will reduce the number of readings from the disk and will improve database operations performance.
  • User session concept introduced. Session is used for unified identification of the active Infobase user, regardless of the client application type. The notion of connection no longer describes the active Infobase user.
  • Resilience for software and hardware failures of 1C:Enterprise servers cluster.
  • Implemented the possibility to identify reserved working processes along with enabled and disabled working processes.
  • Ability to restart server working process upon reaching a designated virtual address space size.
  • Dynamic load balancing for cluster working processes.
  • Ability to define additional cluster manager(s) within a cluster and to distribute server services operation between such managers.
  • Session data service can run on multiple cluster managers.
  • When exclusive access to file-based Infobase is attempted, the connection pool is cleared for the web-server connected to this Infobase.
  • PID (running operating system process identifier) acquisition in cluster console and in the access object model.
  • <mem> element added to the configuration file of the technological log file. If <mem> element is available, 1C:Enterprise server processes calculate allocated and taken memory units and total volume of allocated and taken memory units.
  • Memory leaks tracking <leaks> element of the technological log file) for the following objects: AccountingRegisterManager, ChartOfAccountsManager, ExchangePlanManager, SettingsStorageManager, AccumulationRegisterManager, ChartOfCharacteristicTypesManager, DocumentManager, EnumManager, InformationRegisterManager, DataProcessorManager, CatalogsManager, ReportManager, BusinessProcessManager, TaskManager, ChartOfCalculationTypesManager, CalculationRegisterManager, ManagedForm, FixedStructure, FixedMap, FormDataStructure, FormDataCollection, FormDataStructureAndCollection, FormDataCollectionItem, FormDataTree, FormDataTreeItemCollection, FormDataTreeItem.
  • Implemented a new method to display context in the technological log if the managed application is operating.
  • Linux operating system based 1C:Enterprise server requires additional libraries to be installed in the following cases:
    • for managed application running;
    • when Chart, GraphicalSchema, SpreadsheetDocument objects are used on the server;
    • when GetPicture() method is used in the Chart, GanttChart, Dendrogram, PivotChart objects;
    • when exporting a spreadsheet document to XLS on the server-side.
  • 1C:Enterprise server startup/stop script for Linux operating system enhanced. Startup parameters setup added, server stop procedure improved, current server status output commands added.
  • VALUETYPE feature added to query language.
  • Type literals can be defined in a query language.

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