The 1C:Enterprise software system is designed to perform a wide range of business automation tasks. It includes powerful tools for configuring off-the-shelf applications to match business processes of a specific company. At the same time, 1C:Enterprise is an open system. You can use the built-in import and export tools, which support plain text and XML formats, for communication with other software systems. The platform supports the OLE Automation software integration standard and provides web service access. However, a closer interaction between 1C:Enterprise and other software systems may be required to solve specific integration tasks.

The add-in technology is provided for solving such tasks. This technology is used to develop programs that dynamically attach to 1C:Enterprise and then closely interact with it. Add-ins provide solutions for a wide range of tasks, including integration with point-of-sale equipment. Add-ins can be attached to 1C:Enterprise application servers, as well as to the client applications, including the web client.

The delivery kit includes this manual and a set of add-in implementation examples.

The manual describes creation of add-ins based on Native API and COM.

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