New functions and changes

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 DBMS is now supported.
  • Mozilla Firefox 15 web browser is now supported (Windows, Linux).
  • You can use the Native Client to access Microsoft SQL Server. If both servers are located at the same computer, you can use the SHARED MEMORY protocol in the Native Client (available since Microsoft SQL Server 2005).
  • The following functionalities are added to 1C:Enterprise script: switching between form opening modes (in separate windows or in tabs); showing or hiding the Sections, Navigation, and Action panels; and managing client connection speed.

    The following properties are implemented for the ClientSettings object: ClientConnectionSpeed, ApplicationFormsOpenningMode, ShowSectionPanel, and ShowNavigationAndActionsPanels.

    The SectionPanelRepresentation property is implemented for the CommandInterfaceSettings object.

  • The web client and web services can be published at Microsoft Internet Information Services 8.0 web server. You can have them published both from Designer or by using the webinst utility.
  • You can get the number of milliseconds that passed since January, 1, year 0001, 0:00:00 UTC using the CurrentUniversalDateInMilliseconds() function.
  • The privileged session mode is implemented. In this mode the access rights and data access restrictions are not verified. The privileged mode can be enabled only on session start and only for a user that has administrative rights. To enable the privileged session mode, use the UsePrivilegedMode option of the client application command line (also works for the web client) or prmod=1 option in the connection string.

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