Temporary locks

1C:Enterprise provides the option to use temporary locks. Temporary locks protect your data when you are away from your computer.

Many 1C:Enterprise applications do not require entering document author names because they take them directly from the user accounts. And in general, application users are responsible for all actions performed while they are logged on to the application. That is why preventing unauthorized access to 1C:Enteprrise applications is important.

You can use temporary locks to prevent unauthorized access (this only makes sense if you use a password to access an application).

To set a temporary lock, in the system command area, select the Temporary lock command. This minimizes the application window and displays the dialog box where you can enter the password.


Fig. 192. A dialog box for entering the password

To continue your work, you have to enter the password (the same that you used to log on to the application).

Note. This feature is only available in the Thick client mode.

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