About 1C Company

1C Company was established in 1991, for the purposes of software development, distribution, publishing, and support of computer applications and databases for business and home use. 1C Company works with clients through more than 10,000 partners in 600 cities of 23 countries to provide integration services for the automation of businesses.

Apart from 1C:Enterprise, the best-known 1C Company business lines are software products for home use and educational applications.

The 1C:Enterprise collection of applications is used daily by several million users in business and government to automate operations, accounting, finance, HR, and management activities. 1C Company provides an array of vertical solutions for manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses. With its innovative 1C:Enterprise platform, and a range of other applications, 1C Company has achieved wide popularity for its openness, fast modifications and software updates. 1C:Enterprise is a very flexible and scalable platform, which meets the needs of companies ranging in size from a single user to hundreds of users. 1C Company is the market leader in enterprise automation in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus and is used widely in the global market.

For references visit: 1C:Developer Network.

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