Creating add-ins with COM technology

This technology is not suitable for the development of Windows Runtime, Android, and iOS applications.

When loading an add-in developed using COM technology with the LoadAddIn() or AttachAddIn(<Location>,<Name>, <Type>) function, 1C:Enterprise defines ProgID of the COM object as follows:

  • ProgID has the following format: Vendor.AddIn.
  • The "AddIn" string is used as the first part (Vendor).

  • The string with ID 100 from the add-in strings table is used as the second part (AddIn). The string can have the following format: Name1|Name2|...|NameN; in this case all objects with ProgID matching the AddIn.NameX format will be created. If there is no such string, the add-in file name is used, without the file extension.

If you use the AttachAddIn(<ObjectID>) function, pass the ProgID of the add-in COM object as the function parameter. It can be a string of the following format: ProgID1|ProgID2|...|ProgIDX.

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