Importing Microsoft Excel and OpenDocument spreadsheets

To open a Microsoft Excel 97–2010 spreadsheet Excel workbook (*.xls, *xlsx) or an OpenDocument spreadsheet  OpenDocument Spreadsheet ODF(*.ods), on the main menu, point to File, click Open, and select a document of that type. This creates a spreadsheet document and imports the original file to it.

The import has the following limitations:

  1. Import of password-protected documents is not supported.
  2. Import of charts is not supported.
  3. Import of pivot tables is not supported.
  4. Import of colors does not include opacity.
  5. Import of gradient patterns is partially supported: they are replaced with solid patterns that have the color of the first gradient point.
  6. Import of OLE objects is not supported.
  7. Import of text formatting has some limitations.
  8. Filling AutoShapes with patterns and pictures is not supported.
  9. Import of graphical effects applied to pictures is not supported. This includes filters, blur, glow, antialiasing, and other effects.
  10. Rotation of AutoShapes and text aligned with AutoShapes is not supported.
  11. Import of hyperlinks is not supported. Imported hyperlinks are converted to plain text.
  12. AutoShapes: only import of ellipses, rectangles, and straight lines is supported.
  13. AutoShapes: for lines, import of arrow parameters is not supported.
  14. Import of different border colors for a single cell is not supported.
  15. Only formula results are imported.
  16. When Microsoft Excel documents are imported from the clipboard, the default Excel color scheme is applied.
  17. Conditional formatting is based on constants only. Formula values and references to other cells are not supported.
  18. Conditional formatting of Microsoft Excel documents (histograms, icon sets, and rules of "formula equal to" type) is not supported.
  19. When a book with multiple sheets that are not blank is imported, a page break is added after each sheet.
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