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Result of changes

Mobile client.
Development tools.

In the form editor preview panel, rounded screen corners and displays with a cutout are supported now (for mobile devices on iOS). iPhone models X/XS/XS Max/XR are added to the list of devices for preview in the form editor.

This feature was not provided.

Designing forms for the latest iPhone devices is easier now.

Mobile device-specific features.
Mobile client.
Mobile platform.

Now you can put a stamp on a photo indicating a photo date and time, as well as a custom text. New object: PhotoStamp. Implemented the Stamp parameter of the MultimediaTools.MakePhoto() method.

This feature was not provided.

Expanded photo management capabilities.

Mobile device-specific features.
Mobile platform.
Mobile client.

For mobile applications on Android, the sound is recorded in MPEG4 using AAC codec. For mobile applications on any mobile operating system, the sound is recorded in stereo, the bitrate is 128 kbps, and the sample rate is 44 kHz. The MultimediaTools.MakeAudioRecording() method returns the MultimediaData object where the file extension is set to m4a and the MIME type is set to audio/mp4.

The sound quality and the MultimediaTools.MakeAudioRecording() method result depended on the used operating system:

  • Android: 3gp and mono; the sample rate was 8 kHz. 3gp extension and audio/3gp MIME type.
  • iOS: m4a and stereo; the sample rate was 44 kHz. m4a extension and audio/mp4 MIME type.
  • Windows: m4a and mono; the sound quality was selected automatically. aac extension and audio/aac MIME type.

Unified audio information recording result on different mobile operating systems. You can listen to a sound recording made in 1C:Enterprise mobile platform using standard tools of operating systems on personal computers.

Background and scheduled jobs.
Mobile client.

Now you can use the scheduled job dialog on the mobile client. New object available on the mobile client: ScheduledJobDialog.

Editing a schedule for a scheduled job was not available on mobile client.

Now you can edit a schedule for a scheduled job on mobile client.

Mobile client.
Mobile application builder.

In mobile client, you can add an infobase to the list by scanning a QR code. This feature is available if the mobile client application is permitted to add an infobase with a custom address.

This feature is also available in mobile version for developers.

In mobile application builder, you can allow users to add infobases using QR codes.

In addresses related to schema e1c://, you can use the following commands:

  • /AddByQRCode to start QR code scanning.
  • /AddInfoBase to add the infobase to the infobase list of the client application.

This feature was not provided.

Advanced features for adding infobases to the list in mobile client or mobile platform. Simplified procedure of adding infobases.

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