1C:Enterprise Script

  • AvailableValues property for the ValueList object that makes it possible to only use a certain set of values as the available values for the list items.
  • List items can now be identified with numerical identifiers.
  • Implemented parameter for standard attribute name designation and standard attribute name designation of standard tabular section for AccessRight() method.
  • CurrentLocaleCode() global context method intended to retrieve localization code for the current session. /VL command line parameter can be used to enable this parameter. GetAvailableLocaleCodes() method has been added to the global context. LocaleCodePresentation() method has been added to the global context.
  • Software enabling and disabling of privileged mode. SetPrivilegedMode() and PrivilegedMode() methods have been added to the global context.
  • Safe mode for code execution that can be software enabled and disabled. EnableSafeMode() and SafeMode() methods have been added to the global context.
  • PredefinedValue() global context method added in order to retrieve a reference to a predefined value.
  • SetBinaryData() method for FastInfosetReader and FastInfosetWriter objects.
  • When subscribing to COM-object events as well as events of the ExternalObject object that have the same name while the number of their parameters varies, the number of handler parameters is taken into account and a handler with the respective number of parameters is selected for the event.
  • LockDataForEdit() and UnlockDataForEdit() methods have been added to the global context.
  • ServerCall property implemented for common modules. The property is available only for modules with Server flag.
  • New external components technology makes it possible to develop such components using both C++ API and COM technology. The components developed using the new technology can be uploaded both in client applications and on the 1C:Enterprise server. At the same time, the previous external components are fully supported.

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