Grouped auto fields

A grouped auto field is a set of fields that is generated automatically. It contains the fields that match the following conditions:

  • They are available for use in grouping fields
  • They are not resources
  • They are not attributes of other selected fields
  • They are not attributes of existing grouping fields

To view the set of fields that replace a field when a report is generated, on the All Actions menu, click Expand.

If a field is already included in the data of the grouping field, it is not added again.

If available types of a grouping field include the date, you can customize the period addition (add the days that are outside of the report result). For example, if you want the data for all the weeks to be included in a report, select Week as an additional type and select the start and end dates of the period, as shown in the figure below.


Fig. 155. Grouping customization by period 

Let us illustrate this with an example. Suppose the Mutual Settlements report displays data on mutual settlements with contractors named "Butcher Shop Store" and "Groceries Store" for the period between 01/01/2009 and 12/31/2009.


Fig. 156. A report without an addition

At that you now need to display data by quarter. To do so, on the Grouping tab, specify an Addition for Period, month.

Fig. 157. Specifying report addition settings

This changes the Mutual settlements report as follows:


Fig. 158. A report with an addition

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