Adding pictures to HTML documents

You can add pictures to HTML documents.

To add a picture, on the main menu, point to Element and click Picture. In the dialog box that is opened, specify the picture address (a file name and a path) or select a picture file. In the Text field, enter the alternative text for the picture. This text is displayed when you move the pointer over a picture. 

In the Alignment group, specify the alignment.



Not assigned

Add a picture inside the text, at the pointer position.


Add a picture to a new line, aligned with the left document border.


Add a picture to a new line, aligned with the right document border.


Add a picture inside the text, text aligned with the picture bottom.


Add a picture inside the text, text aligned with the picture center.


Add a picture inside the text, text aligned with the picture top.

To add a border, specify its width in the Border with the field. If the width is 0 or is not specified, the border is not displayed.

To add the picture, click OK.

You can edit the picture properties in the picture property palette.

To move a picture, drag it. Dragging does not change the Alignment property. For example, if the alignment is neither Left nor Right, you can drag a picture to a position inside a text. Otherwise, you can only drag it to a new line.

To copy a picture, use the standard operating system tools (the clipboard or dragging while holding Ctrl).

You can place a picture anywhere in an HTML document (inside a text, a table, or a marquee).

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