• Optimized database operation. In the 8.1 version compatibility mode and when working with IBM DB2 database management system 9.5 or older, the previous implementation of database operations is used that is similar to version 8.1.
  • The configuration first run has been optimized.
  • File-based database operations are optimized for grouping-enabled queries execution and for the execution of queries that get a large number of entries. Memory and query execution speed optimized. Execution of queries that contain Turnovers virtual tables of the accumulation and accounting registers has been optimized as well.
  • Internal platform functions related to memory and resource usage have been optimized.
  • Temporary files handling has been optimized.
  • Internal platform functions related to session data have been optimized. The volume of traffic between a client and a server during the client/server operation has been reduced.
  • In order to improve the scalability and performance of 1C:Enterprise server, the configuration metadata are fully loaded by the server when connecting to the Infobase.
  • For catalogs that lack a code and a name, the Owner+Reference and the Owner+Parent+[Group]+Reference indices can be created.
  • Optimized reading and writing of XML- and XDTO-files.
  • Dumping and restoring of an Infobase have been optimized. Infobase dump file size reduced.
  • Processor usage reduced for entering and editing text in an entry field.
  • Data composition processor operating speed, when generating reports containing a large amount of data, has been increased.
  • Optimized database configuration update when the configuration includes an exchange plan with distributed Infobase.

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