Mobile application building example

As we told in the Mobile platform section, you can run a mobile application in two ways:

  • Plug it to the installed mobile platform for developers. This way is described in the Mobile platform and Homework 3 sections.
  • Generate an application package, which can be distributed in the App Store and Play Store. One can download the application from these stores and use it without going into inner implementation details. In other words, 1C:Enterprise mobile applications are downloaded, installed, and run exactly like any other mobile application. A user just has to tap the application icon and the applied solution is run without any developer options. 

In this section, the example is implemented on Microsoft Windows 7 x64 for Android.

To create an iOS package, you need Apple ID as a developer and a Mac computer with the Xcode development environment. The development of iOS packages is not described in the tutorial.

Note. In the example, the software of the following versions is used:

  • 1C:Enterprise 8 (training version)
  • 1C:Enterprise 8 mobile platform
  • Mobile application builder application  
  • Andriod SDK:

Android SDK Tools 22.3

Android SDK Platform-tools 19.0.1

SDK Platform API 17 (4.2.2)

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Apache Ant 1.9.3
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