Creating distribution and update files

You can create the following distribution and update files in Designer:

  • Configuration file (.cf), which stores the configuration distribution kit
  • Update file (.cfu), which stores the configuration update (for one or several previous versions)

Standard distribution and update directory structure 

The configuration delivery procedure adheres to specific rules for distribution file locations and support of different versions. To specify the root directory for distribution and update files, in the Create Distribution and Configuration Update Files dialog box, click Distribution files directory. By default the files are stored in subdirectories named after their version numbers (the Version property of the configuration). This simplifies the preparation of update files (as described later in this article). Note that the root directory is not stored inside the configuration and will be changed if the .1cd configuration file is moved to another computer.

Creating distribution files 

Distribution files are created in the specified distribution files directory if you select the Create distribution file checkbox in the Create distribution and configuration update files dialog box.

Attention! Do not create delivery files in the configuration that is supported by itself.

Note. If, despite this recommendation, you created delivery files to a configuration that is supported by itself, send only the new configuration file (.cf) to users. This is the only way to perform the update of the supported configuration correctly.

Creating configuration update files  

You can create distribution and update files simultaneously from the Create Distribution and Configuration Update Files dialog box if you select both the Create distribution file and Create configuration update file checkboxes. But you can only create a single update file at a time. To create multiple update files for updating a configuration from a variety of versions, repeat the update creation procedure multiple times,each time with a different distribution file directory.
If you select the Create configuration update file checkbox, specify one or several previous version files that can be updated using this file. The update files are not cumulative: a file designed to update version 4 to version 6 cannot be used for updating version 5, unless this version was explicitly specified at the file generation stage (for more information, see Configuration delivery and support concept).

To select configuration files of previous versions, you can click Add and select a file, or you can click Add from Previous Versions to run the automatic search for configuration versions stored on the hard disk, provided that the files are stored in the directory structure described earlier in this article.

The Add command also allows you to specify distribution files of different configurations (they must be distribution files, not regular configuration files). The platform creates updates for these configurations.

Updating configurations using .cfu update files 

To update a configuration, on the Configuration menu, point to Support and click Update configuration. This opens the Configuration update dialog box.

In this dialog box, select the update source.

Once you pass through the configuration update wizard and click Finish, the platform displays the dialog box with the main parameters of the current configuration and vendor configuration. For details, see the platform documentation.

Note. When you perform update using a .cfu file, the platform performs a version check based on the internal ID that is changed with ANY configuration change, even disabling support counts as a change.

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