• For managed form fields displaying a complex type attribute, the performance of opening the quick choice list is improved for cases when reference types with different quick choice settings are included in the content of complex type.
  • The impact of the debugging mode on the operation speed in "1C:Enterprise" mode is reduced for a thick client, thin client, server and external connection.
  • Database operation is optimized for the cases when two or more separators are used or separator of String type is used.
  • Optimized writing of accumulation and accounting register records in the IBM DB2. The optimization is effective when operating with IBM DB2 9.7 FP5 (build 27892). It is recommended to update DBMS to the specified version. When using IBM DB2 of earlier versions negative impact on system performance is possible.
  • Client application launch is optimized.
  • Optimized operations using the IN (…) expression with many parameters in the list when operating with PostgreSQL.
  • Optimized opening of a form in the web client when using large number of elements in the form conditional appearance.
  • Optimized opening of report form containing large number of elements of conditional appearance in the web client.
  • Optimized opening of a managed form displaying one or several dynamic lists, containing large number of conditional appearance elements.
  • Operation with the Oracle Database is optimized for certain operations.

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