Improved Performance

1C Developer team

27.10.2022 4 min

8_3_22_З Perfomance.png

In version 8.3.22, we are introducing several improvements that increase the platform performance in many end-user and developer scenarios.

Optimized Transfer of Large Files Between the Client Application and the Server

In version 8.3.22, we managed to significantly (up to several times) increase file upload speed from client to server and download speed from the server to the client when transferring files with the 1C:Enterprise language commands (global context methods, PutFile, BeginPutFileToServer, etc.). It applies to both synchronous and asynchronous uploads and downloads.

There is no more limit on the size of files placed in temporary storage.

Use of Multiple Data Accelerators

Version 8.3.22 offers an option to scale data accelerators horizontally and thus improve overall performance. It is possible to run several instances on different nodes of a 1C:Enterprise server cluster. On sending a query to a database, the platform uses the least loaded data accelerator suitable for the task (as determined by the composition of tables, fields, filters by period, and data relevance). This functionality can be limited depending on the license type. Check the documentation for more details.

Optimized Workflow for Configurations

It requires less time to update a configuration in one of the following scenarios:

·        Configuration update via menu Support in Designer.

·        Configuration update via menu Compare, merge with configuration from file in Designer.

·        Configuration update from the command line

32-bit version of the 1C:Enterprise can now compare configurations even faster, and it takes less memory to update one.

The platform is able to export configurations to *.cf files faster.

We closely monitor the platform user requests, analyze the efficiency in various scenarios, and we are confident that the improvements mentioned here will positively impact the user experience.

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