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I have a question.
I have 1 server license. I have 10 user licenses.
My company has 6 user licenses active.
I can access my records on the web.
I've written HTTP SERVICE for this job.
I can list my records with the file xxxxxx.php on my web server. I can add records.
Do I need a license for every user who uses a web service?
Sometimes my users connect to my server from 15-20 different locations. They access the records with the xxxxxx.php file on my server. They can add records.
I also record the statistics of other programs in 1c. Sometimes 500 users are connected to my server at the same time. They're adding records. They're deleting records.

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Dear Erdoğan Uğuz,

If your infobase implements Web services and/or HTTP services, client access to these services (including OData requests) does not consume 1C:Enterprise client licenses.

If your users connect to the Web-published infobase via the Web client or via the thin client communicating to the Web server, you consume 1C:Enterprise client licenses, one client license per user session. For instance, if your user opens two Web browser tabs where the user connects to the infobase via the Web client, this consumes two 1C:Enterprise client licenses.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurov

1C Company support team