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Hello everyone,
I've got DocumentForm where I created command. Now I want to open report fr om this form with report's parameter filled using Object.Ref of document.
Command button triggers something like this:

Procedure OpenReport(Command)
   Filter = New Structure("Ref",Object.Ref);
   FormParameters = New Structure("GenerateOnOpen, Filter, VariantKey",True,Filter,"Default");

The object form of report opens after clicking button but Ref parameter of report has no value, it is not filled. How should I open it so the report knew the value of document Reference? So that user could click button at document and see report data linked with this document?

MainDataCompositionSchema of report has query where is written:
"... WHERE Document.Ref = &Ref"

I just want to see only &Ref data in report after calling command at documents form.
Thank you for any help.

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Hello, Kris!
I think you should use "Report.ZlecenieNaprawyPodsumowanie.Form" instead of "Report.ZlecenieNaprawyPodsumowanie.ObjectForm".

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