A dictionary for translating standard 1C: Enterprise methods names.

This application automates translation. It is intended for both corporate and individual use. Details for 1C:Translator

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Is there a dictionary in 1C: Translator, to translate automatically all standard 1C: Enterprise methods names?
For exmple:
ЗаполнитьЗначенияСвойств -> FillPropertyValues
СтрНайти -> StrFind

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Dear Alexey,

Could you please let us know what task you want to perform with such a dictionary?

By using Syntax Assistant, which is built in Designer, you can get such term pairs.

By the way, we no longer support 1C:Translator and in 2019 we plan to offer our partners a new tool that allows you to translate configurations easier, faster, and cheaper.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurov

1C Company support team
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