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Please let me know about 1C partner or 1C specialists who can support 1C in Israel.

Thanks a lot!


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Hi, Evgeny.

I'm Miropolsky Gennady. I'd sent you e-mail on your topic.

You may contact me by:

My working e-mail: gmm@rpib.sumy.ua
My home a-mail: miropolskij@gmail.com

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Is this topic still actual?

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Dear Evgey,

Me and my work-team discovered vacancy on 1C-DN
And we really interested in software development for companies in EU and Asia areas.

We are group of certified developers and consultants on 1C:Enterprise8 platform searching for a job/interesting project outside Russian Federation to get international experience of developing on the platform and, of course, to bring exiting 1C techs to the world! We think 1C:Enterprise8 is the best solution to develop grate software products for business companies in short in short time.

I will be glad to provide a summary of developers in our group.

Sergey Volynkin
Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan
Tel.:   +7 (937) 28-28-024
E-mail: SVVol@outlook.com

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Dear Alexander Evchenko,

I am 1C Programmer from Ukraine, I have good knowledgets on base 1C:Enterprise 7.7, 8.x, SQL, Lotus more than 10 years and I can create the service with all functionality you need on base 1C:Enterprise. I am looking for full time work or project-work.

I carry about my clients so you will make the right move choosing me, and I will do anything to justify your confidence.  

Best regards
Kirichenko Dennis

1C developer
Skype: DennisAusOdessa
Tel. +38 (067) 10-396-10
E-mail: kirichenkod@gmail.com

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