1C:Solution partner

1C:Solution partner

1C:Solution partner status is intended for partners who have a solution developed and certified by 1С.

A partner receiving the 1C:Solution partner status should already have 1C:Official partner status.

A Partner receiving 1C:Solution partner status should have a released, off-the-shelf product that was developed on the 1C:Enterprise platform. The off-the-shelf product must meet the following requirements:

  • The functionality of the created product was previously approved by 1С Company.
  • The region where the product is to be distributed should be approved by 1С Company.
  • It was developed on the 1C:Enterprise platform.
  • It was developed with due account of 1C standards and 1C methodology published at 1c-dn.com.
  • The product has a full set of electronic documentation.
  • The product should be certified at 1С Company and obtain the 1C:Compatible certificate.
  • There should have been at least five successful deployments of the product in the selected region for distribution.

A partner may distribute 1C:Enterprise platform licenses to end users and partners.

A partner has a non-exclusive right to distribute the range of products worldwide, other than the following countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

A partner may procure the range of products at the prices set for its partner level, but only for sales together with its own off-the-shelf product. If sales are to be made to partners or end users separate from its own off-the-shelf product, the partner should procure the range of products at the prices set for the partner level 1C:Official partner.

A partner may not lease acquired licenses or provide services to its clients without transferring the licenses to them.
A partner may develop, support and promote on international markets its own products established on the 1С:Enterprise platform.

A partner may submit the products that it developed to 1C Company for certification under the 1C:Compatible program.

Partners receive support through the website www.1c-dn.com, where they can obtain:

  • the latest, most up-to-date version of the 1С:Enterprise platform and upgrades from their personal accounts;
  • access to the private forum where business and technical issues are discussed in English;
  • register errors in the 1С:Enterprise platform in their personal accounts;
  • obtain consultations by email.

A partner may not distribute the 1С:Enterprise platform installation package through its website or other resources, or upload the 1С:Enterprise platform installation package for public access.

A partner should register the licenses of its clients at 1c-dn.com.

A partner may translate and replicate 1C Company’s documentation and training courses into languages other than Russian, provided it receives preliminary approval from 1С Company and includes a reference to 1С Company as the right holder.

A partner may distribute demo versions of its own products on its website, as a package with the training version of the 1С:Enterprise platform.

A partner may procure licenses for the 1С:Enterprise 8 (Not-For-Resale) platform for sales of its own products to its partners in the form Not-For-Resale, but the sales should only be made as a package with the partner’s off-the-shelf solution.

1С Company will provide an opportunity and corresponding licenses to release the basic, non-configurable off-the-shelf solution of the partner.

A partner may post the 1C:Solution partner logo on its website, and may also be included in a corresponding list of partners at 1c-dn.com.

The partner may not use the 1С brand in the name of its company or website without written permission from 1С Company

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