D-Wine Group of Companies

D-Wine Group of Companies was founded in 2013. It specializes in the supply and sale of liquor and premium wines and currently includes four restaurants, a wine supermarket, and a wine boutique.

Rise Ltd has been a reliable partner of "1C" Company since 2016. Since then, the company has been developing consistently, operating offices in Moscow, Izhevsk, and Cape Town. The company specializes in implementing projects in 1C:CPM (Corporate Performance Management) and integrated implementations in 1C:ERP and 1C:ERP WE.

The decision to implement 1C:Analytics was made after the successful deployment of 1C:ERP WE by Rise Ltd. It was done to quickly provide a large number of various analytical reports and easy data access. The company's management requested convenient and interactive reports that reflect business baseline data clearly displayed on a single screen.

The product was deployed in a short amount of time as a result of joined work of highly qualified specialists and the involvement of the customer's company management in the automation process. Together with the customer, engineers installed and configured the integration with the current 1C systems and deployed the project in 2 weeks. During the solution's installation and configuration, it was essential to configure the IIS server correctly because it directly affects the initiation and retrieval of data.

Solution architecture:

The 1C:ERP World Edition (1C:ERP WE), implemented on the client's side, was used as a data source. Built-in tools presented data in tables, and visualization tools required additional configuration and transition from one directory to another, which increased the time to obtain data and sometimes did not even understand the situation overall quickly.

The use of 1C:Analytics allowed quickly and easily getting the synoptic view on all entries in the required registers or documents and then refining the data to a single document or item in the directory. From reports and dashboards in 1C:Analytics, it is easy to get a link to the desired document or object in 1C:ERP WE and then open it directly in the customer's ERP system for further modification or inspection.

During the implementation and at the first stages of use, the occurring issues were resolved by 1C consultants. The customer then became familiar with the system's necessary features to independently create and compile data arrays, reports, and dashboards.

Currently, the database for analytics generation is estimated at 40GB.

The number of users working with the service: 6-7 users. Mainly the company's management.

The following functionality is implemented through analytical panels in 1C:Analytics:

    • Finance, internal accounting, performance monitoring
    • Monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators of the enterprise
    • Data and sales trend analysis
The key advantage of the solution during the time of restrictions and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is the visibility and prompt data presentation. Using performance reports over the past 2-3 years, the customer adjusts the internal processes, plans costs, and procurement. Most of the tools are actively used and functional.

Reports are used in the form of customized dashboards with the following indicators:

    • "Current" - the current state of operation
    • Trend data: by month, by year. In comparison 2-3-4 years
    • Procurement trends, by year
    • Sales trends by month, and comparatively, by year
    • Miscellaneous expenses
    • VAT tracking, in this quarter
    • Loan information, etc.

Project results:

  • Streamlined data access and its presentation significantly in an analytical form for the company's management, its divisions, and partners
  • Ensured transparency and visibility of changes in the company's key indicators, increased control over the company's business processes
  • Ensured close integration of the company's data system with the process of current indicators analysis and adoption of business solutions
By implementing the 1C:Analytics, the time spent on developing and visualization of various reports was significantly reduced.
Thanks to 1C:Analytics, it is now possible to flexibly customize data presentation for users in the form of analytical dashboards.
This point allows involving data analysis specialists and the company's management, who lack special technical skills and knowledge, to work with business intelligence.

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