Automated Testing Framework

1C Developer team

21.05.2024 3 min

Enhancements to Automated Testing Framework

We are excited to announce the latest advancements in our automated testing framework, introduced in version 8.3.25. These enhancements incorporate valuable feedback from developers utilizing our technologies and address their specific needs.

While a comprehensive list of all new features would be extensive, we'll highlight some of the most significant additions. For a detailed overview, please refer to the accompanying documentation.

New Methods for Enhanced Testing Capabilities

CopyRow Method for TestedTable Object The CopyRow method has been added to the TestedTable object, enabling the insertion of a new row into a table by copying the current row. This action is recorded in the user's action log and can be replayed for testing purposes.

GetParent Method for Various Objects

The GetParent method has been introduced for several objects, including TestedClientApplicationWindow, TestedCommandInterfaceGroup, TestedCommandInterfaceButton, and more (a complete list is available in the documentation). This method returns the parent object for the object from which it was called, facilitating hierarchical navigation.

Refined TestedFormField Object

The TitleIsShown method has been added to the TestedFormField object, returning an indication of whether the title is visible for the specified object.

The behavior of the WriteContentToFile method has been modified. An optional Boolean parameter SaveAs has been added. For unsaved documents displayed in the field (text or speadsheet documents), the file is saved as before. For saved documents (text or speadsheet documents), a "Save As" dialog box is displayed to select the filename.

The ClickFormattedDocumentHyperlink method has been introduced, allowing users to click on hyperlinks within a formatted document. The Hyperlink parameter can be a string or a number (representing the hyperlink's presentation or name).

New Methods for HTML Document Extensions

A set of methods for HTML Document Extensions has been added. These methods enable testing actions on HTML documents similar to those for formatted documents:

  • InputDocumentHTML
  • GetDocumentHTML
  • WriteContentToFile
  • ClickHTMLDocumentHyperlink

CurrentSessionIsTested Method

The CurrentSessionIsTested method has been added to the global context. This method takes no parameters and returns a Boolean value:

  • True: The client is launched with the /TestClient parameter, the testing mechanism is functioning correctly, and ready to receive commands from the test manager.
  • False: The testing client failed to start correctly or was launched without the /TestClient parameter.


We are confident that these new automated testing capabilities will empower you (and us!) to significantly expand testing scenarios and further enhance the reliability of your (and our) software products.

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