Data composition system on 1C:Enterprise mobile platform

1C Developer team

23.09.2019 5 min

We have implemented access to the data composition system from 1C:Enterprise script on the mobile platform. Now you can create a data composition schema template in Designer and generate reports on its basis. You can also use 1C:Enterprise script to configure custom filters in the composition system and retrieve data from the database for further processing.

Previously, some parts of data composition were present on the mobile platform. But, firstly, they were not sufficient for proper working with reports, and secondly, they could not be used from 1C:Enterprise script.

Similar reports had to be done differently for different platforms. On the desktop platform, you generated reports using the data composition system, and on the mobile platform - without it. Such "split" did not occur for other mechanisms of the platform.

Of course, it was not convenient, and the only obvious solution was to implement a data composition system for the mobile platform as well.

At the moment, we have implemented all types of data composition except interactive ones:
  • DataCompositionAppearanceTemplateWizard
  • DataCompositionSchemaWizard
  • DataCompositionSettingsWizard
This solution has both pros and cons. The downside is that the size of the mobile platform has slightly increased. For this reason, the mobile platform cannot be used on older models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

But on the other hand, the undoubted advantage is that even without the interactive components, this solution will make it much easier for you to create mobile reports.
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