Debugging and Testing of Configurations on Standalone Servers

1C Developer team

27.04.2023 2 min

Debugging and Testing.png

In response to multiple requests of developers who use our technologies, in version 8.3.23 we are adding the ability to fully develop and debug infobases running on a standalone server right in Designer.

Previously, to debug an infobase running on a stand-alone server, developers had to deploy an external debug server, which caused certain inconveniences. Also, standalone servers did not support the scenario testing mechanism.

In version 8.3.23, these restrictions are gone.

Debugging of infobases running on a standalone server can now be done directly in Designer, without launching an external debug server or setting up a debug server built into the standalone server. Debugging in Designer can be done via HTTP and TCP protocols.

Now there is also support for thin clients that connect to standalone servers via TCP protocol. This feature will be useful for scenario testing mechanisms with infobases running on a standalone servers.

This improvement allows to

  • Simplify the work of developers using standalone servers.

  • Use standalone servers for scenario testing as part of the configuration development process.

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