The Results of Developers Contest within the Online Friendly Skills Games 2021 and Contribution of 1C Platform Developers

Evgeniy Leschenko

25.08.2021 5 min


The Online Friendly Skills Games 2021 ended with a closing ceremony on the 16th of August. The games included contests for young specialists in more than 20 IT disciplines with mobile development, web design, and cloud computing among them.

During IT Software Solutions for Business contests from 9th to the 12th of August, the participants demonstrated their skills to develop business applications in C#, Java, Python, and 1C:Enterprise languages. With participants from various countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, the games turned out to be truly international.

As the contests were online-only, all participants had to have their own workstation, share their screens and provide high-definition feeds from several cameras. Everything was broadcasted live on YouTube, making it possible for anyone to check the progress of contestants.

Vadim stream.png
The assignment was to develop an information system to optimize and automate a company's activities in relation to their network of logistics centers, parking lots for trucks, and a small goods delivery service for end-users.

The whole process consisted of three sessions, 4 hours each, 1 session a day.

During the first session, prior to developing, the participants had to design their future information system. The assignment for the first session was to

  • Design a use case diagram and further use it offering options for automating certain business processes to the customer.
  • Develop an ER-diagram for the entire subject area, as well as a data dictionary with important comments for developers of the system.
  • Develop a mobile application schematic interface for a truck driver and API documentation to ensure the connection of mobile devices with a central data server.

In addition, participants had to make some arrangements necessary to create an external library that will allow them to calculate the distance between two coordinate points and identify free parking spaces in a given period of time on a certain day.

The second session centered on data processing and developing a desktop application for employees of parking centers. The application was expected to have the following functionality:

  • Viewing the list of cars with the functions of searching, filtering, and sorting data;

  • Viewing detailed information about the car with a list of drivers, the history of actions during the current trip, and the history of parking payments;

  • Monitoring of car parking both on the diagram and on the video.

Screen of task.png

In addition to adding requested functionality, participants had to import data from an external database (MSSQL and MySQL) and integrate an external API for getting the current location of the car.

The task for the third session was to create a mobile application as well as to develop and publish its own API that other services can use.

The mobile application had to enable drivers to observe a route plan and add actions that were not initially planned for the trip.

Vietnam stream 3d session.png
One of the 1С:Enterprise platform advantages is that developers use the same development environment and 1C programming language to create desktop and mobile applications. This is why many participants who got an insight into the development of business applications with the 1C platform just several months ago as 1C Skills Camp members were able to achieve decent results and compete on equal terms with developers using other languages.

According to the results of the contests, the highest rank in the Junior category, with participants aged under 18, was awarded to Maxim Khitrov from Russia, who develops using the 1C:Enterprise platform.

ResultsJunior_with logo1.PNG


In the main category, with participants aged under 26, Vadim Shabanov also using the 1C:Enterprise platform was among the top 3 winners.

Results_with logo1.png 

These results genuinely prove the 1C:Enterprise platform to be a universal full-stack development environment for business applications. The platform is on par with well-known programming languages and can handle equally complex business automation tasks. At that 1C:Enterprise platform speeds up the development, makes the process easier, and gives an easy start for young developers.

The Online Friendly Skills Games 2021 has become one more step towards spreading WorldSkills as a movement of young professionals. At that, they remain an excellent opportunity for many world experts to share experience, new techniques and approaches to training young developers.

Joey C. Manansala Jr., the Philippines Team Expert, wants to congratulate and express his gratitude to all game participants and organizers,

"Congratulations to everyone! Especially to those who spearheaded IT Software Solutions for Business! Thank you all for sharing your skills, and thank you for having you as a new family. Looking forward to working with you during the next Skills Competitions and Skills Camps."

Karim El Khaoua, Morocco Team Expert, who joined the games for the first time as an expert, says,

"It was such a great experience, and I'm so glad that I had the chance to work at this event as an expert. It's like a dream. I am in love with the 1C platform and these championships, and it was a great experience for me."

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