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How can I create a filter (e.g. that searches for a value in a specific column) for tabular sections or value tables via the 1C programming language? I know it is possible via the user interface (find or advanced search), but I need to change it dynamically in the background.

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Hi Oliver,

yes it is possible.

Take a look at the example below:

suppose we have a document (screenshots 1 and 2).

This code sets a filter on the tabular section of this document:

Procedure Command(Command)

   structureFilter = New Structure;
   structureFilter.Insert("Product", "Product_2");

   Items.Products.RowFilter = New FixedStructure(structureFilter);

The result of the code in screenshot 3.

If we want to cancel the filter, then we need the following code:

Procedure Command1(Command)

   Items.Products.RowFilter = New FixedStructure();

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Download scr_3.png (18.23 KB)
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