Does 1C:Enterprise support SQL Server AlwaysOn?

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Microsoft is positioning AlwaysOn as primary solution for HADR at this point and I was wondering if 1C platform supports it.
I was testing it with two node cluster and was unable to make it works.

The client access point registered in DNS with two IP addresses in different subnets. For example:

1C is able to connect to "" when cluster is active on the first node with ip, but unable after failover to another node.

I guess 1C should add parameter "MultiSubnetFailover=True" into connection string in order to make it works.

Is there any plans to support this feature?

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1. 1C works with AlwaysOn failover cluster, and there are several examples of using it in real life.

2. "I guess 1C should add parameter "MultiSubnetFailover=True" into connection string in order to make it works. "

MS SQL Server AlwaysOn failover should work regardless of the MultiSubnetFailover parameter. This is what MSDN says on the subject: "By default, the client tries the IP addresses in order. When the client uses the new optional MultiSubnetFailover=True parameter in its connection string, it will instead try the IP addresses simultaneously and connects to the first server that responds. This can help minimize the client recovery latency when failovers occur."

So, this parameter optimizes switching between nodes in a case of failure, but it should work anyway. I am pretty sure that this parameter has nothing to do with your issue.

3. "unable after failover to another node"

Could you, please, describe the experiment in much more detailed way? What did you do to simulate the failure? What happens next? If it was an error message, I need a full text of a screenshot of it.

4. What version of the Platform do you use?

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After some additional work we were able to achieve immediate changes in DNS after failover between nodes.

How it was before - nslookup was returning two IP addresses for AlwaysOn Client Access Point. In this case 1C:Enterprise was able to connect to SQL Server only when Availability Group was active on first listed IP.
Same story with JDBC driver (not related to 1C) - it was working with "MultiSubnetFailover=True" only.

Now - nslookup returns only one current active IP address - so 1C doesn't have any issues with connection.

However, I don't feel like it is the best solution because we rely on DNS a lot.

I'll investigate it further when I get more data points.

Thank you.

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Dear 1C' supporter

Our company is using 1C, We are install it in my one local server. We bought license for 1C in this server and we are running it.
Now, we want to install a cluster fail-over system with 2 server (active -passive) Do I have to buy new one more license for new one server?

Could you help me please!

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