I want to reset a user's password by mailbox, when the user forgets the password

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Hi, I need help

I am using 1C: Documentmanagement, in the process of using the program, there are many users forgot their password, each time they ask the administrator again,

Do you have any way that the user manually retrieves their password without asking the administrator?

For example, use a mailbox to retrieve their password or use another program, for example

Edited: Nguyen Dinh Luong - Mar 07, 2017 08:15 PM
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Hello, Nguyen Dinh Luong!

I'm sorry, but as for now, this feature is not available.
I have sent your feature request to the developer team.

1C Company support team
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Nguyen Dinh Luong,

1C:Enterprise platform doesn't have this feature, but it is pretty easy to build yourself.
This is how we usually solve it:
1) Create set of HTTP-services/web-services that provides necessary functions:
- request an email with a code to change a password
- request a new password with received code
2) Publish services on web-server with service account that have permissions to call those services only.
3) Create basic UI that can process requests fr om users and send it to the database.

How it works:
- user opens a link, types his email and press "Get a link for password recovery".
- UI sends this request to 1C wh ere it will be verified. If user with that email exists - send him an email with another link that has random security code (code should be saved somewhere in 1C).
- user clicks on the link from email, UI sends this code back to 1C - if code and email is correct - generate new password and sent it with another email.

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Dear Nguyen,

There are couple of other options you may try to solve the problem:

You can switch on option for user authentification by operating system. As such 1c will be using passwords of operating system, and no specific treatment for 1c passwords will be required;

By making small modifications to your configurations you can set up a separate login service with some additional functionality. Including periodicly required password changes, check for complexity, blocking after number of unsuccessfull login attempts, etc. I can help you on this if needed.

Best regards,