1C works very slow

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Sometimes it works normally but sometimes very slow.

The platform is installed on one server, several users work via RDP on the same server. Usually two users at the same time.

What can be the problem? I added to my infobase /ClearCache as additional start parameter but am not sure if it solves the problem. Even if it is simple import from excel with 10 rows, sometimes it is slow, sometimes faster. Also restarting of the server does not help.

Another user does not have it (/ClearCache) and slow work occurs more often. At the moment it is file mode, can it help if I use a server mode? (the same infobase but MS SQL as database?).

Or any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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Good afternoon!
First: Check the server performance. (Resource Monitor)
The problem may not be in 1C.

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As a temporary solution you can make Reindexing and totals calculation during night.
And also - not enough information to answer your question: what are the parameters of server, what is the size of infobase etc?

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