How to read the tables from 1C for external database access?

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Our subsidiary company in Russia is using the 1C:Enterprise platform.
I am working in Europe and we need the data from the 1C database for our reporting.

Currently we are using JDBC to connect our databases with Java.

Is it possible to use JDBC for the 1C database connection?

Is the 1C database a RDBMS?

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You can not directy connect to 1C app database. It is better to use OData interface to collect info, but you will need to ask subsidiary company in Russia to make OData interface public (it is quite simple, please see manual)

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Dear Tom,

In addition to Alexey's answer:

Alternatively, you can install your 1C:Enterprise infobase to an external RDBMS supported by 1C:Enterprise (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle Database) and then rely upon the chosen RDBMS's JDBC driver to establish JDBC connections to your infobase.

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Vladimir Gurov

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