How to upload and then open ms-word or ms-excel files

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I can upload PDF-Files into 1C-Application and then open them but do not know how does it work with MS-Word or MS-Excel files.
Thank you in advance for every advice!


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Hello, Lioudmila,

There are several ways to import data from Word and Excel files into 1C. The most common is - using of COM Objects. In the case of Excel tables, I often use this way (using SpreadSheetDocument instead of COM-object):

FileOpenDialog = new FileDialog(FileDialogMode.Open);
FileOpenDialog.Filter = "Excel sheet 97 (*.xls)|*.xls|Excel workbook (*.xlsx)|*xlsx";
FileOpenDialog.Multiselect = False;
FileOpenDialog.Title = "Choose Excel file to open";

If FileOpenDialog.Choose() Then
// --- Parsing choosed file
ExcelFileName = FileOpenDialog.FullFileName;
TableDoc = new SpreadsheetDocument;
LinesCount = TableDoc.PageHeight;

LineNumber = 1;
ColNumber = 1;

While LineNumber <= LinesCount Do
Value = TableDoc.Area(LineNumber, ColNumber).Text; //you can use .Value property also
LineNumber = LineNumber + 1;


it works ;)

it also works in the opposite direction - you can save a SpreadSheetDocument to an XLS file using

TableDoc.Write ("FileName", SpreadsheetDocumentFileType.XLSX);

use the Syntax Help on "SpreadsheetDocumentFileType: type to view all file formats